Eleminister's Punishment
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Elminister: As will be explained to ye, pardon for the crimes against the Dales is through that door. (he points to a space in the corner that looks like some sort of magical portal but the color is purplish pink [unlike any you have seen before]).

Every night I am in contact with my past and future selves. My selves do not know I am there and I cannot communicate even the slightest suggestion but I can see and feel what my future selves sees and feels. It would seem that I’ve lost contact with myself several thousand years from now. Normally this is due to my own shielding magic but I have a foreboding that my life ends in about 5000 years from now and I need to know the state of things and how it comes to be. The fate of Triol turns bleak indeed.

I’ll give ye a brief history before venturing into the unknown. In about 1500 years the Shadow and Weave become remerged and magic takes another 300 years to stabilize. Mystra and Cyric battle for supremacy and nothing is heard for several hundred years. During this time we chosen lose some of our powers and contact is hazy. The Harpers take counsel and start a recruitment mission enlisting all sorts of races across Troil to make up for our loss. For 100 years they gathered such a force that Storm Silverhand starts an in-depth investigation. Somehow Storm looses her life.

(he wipes a tear from his eye) Pardon, where was I? (scratches head) Oh yes, one of our abilities, as I’m sure ye know is that when anyone mentions our name we could, as the Chosen, hear the next few phrases. We apparently lose this ability. I believe this may have prompted the next 500 years as some elite force takes control of Waterdeep, Silverymoon and Shadowdale. Cormyr and the elves create a Mythal around the Kings Forest to keep the enemy out. When Shadowdale falls to the rule of the enemy I was taken by surprise. For 1400 years there is only darkness as I’m imprisoned. All of a sudden Mystra contacts me and apologizes then explains that her and Cyric were being punished and transported to the Plane of Mechanus to perform community service for 2000 years. Upon my request she sends my sight over Faerun; what I see horrifies me, even me who hath been through the depths of the nine hells.

Cormyr is at siege. Shadowdale is barren. Anauroch is a dark mire. Waterdeep is booming as ever with a Mythal of their own, no knowing who is in charge there. Mystra confirmed the deaths of all of my daughters as well as most of the Chosen, Laeral and QiluĆ© Veladorn are in hiding. I couldn’t stand it any longer and closed my eyes.

I managed to glean a few instances of myself just after my release from prison. It would seem that I was heading toward Cormyr but heavily cloaked in magic so most of my actions and positions are fuzzy at best.

The next time I looked I was gone. For several tendays I searched past that point and could find no trace of me. Presently I am charged by Mystra to not change a thing concerning the major events in the future up until my ‘death’ but I can send you to some point after my death where you can investigate how it happened and make a recognizance of the affairs in Cormyr and Waterdeep. But first you must contact the Harpers and find out how Laeral and QiluĆ© Veladorn fare and take down any information you can from them. Find out who this Elite force is and bring me their history.

You will age but it would appear as if you never left to everyone you leave behind. Do you understand? This is your punishment and reward for coming forward before going too far. Farewell, I’ll see you momentarily no matter how long you are gone.

You must take along this device. (It is a small pentagonal bronze plate which fits at the nape of the neck attached to an immovable chain) It will bring ye back so don’t lose it. How it works is make four statements and each time you are telling the truth it will glow blue for a moment until the next statement is spoken. When and if all four statements are spoken truthfully you will reappear back here. Ye’ll both have one and it will allow communication between ye. If the device glows red it means that ye have lied and a rather sharp pain will follow so please try not to lie. The statements are roughly:

1) I have contacted the Harpers and collected information. 2) I have been to both Cormyr and Waterdeep and can make a full report of the goings on in both cities. 3) I have detailed information and the history of the Elite force taking over Faerun’s major cities. 4) I have information concerning the death of Elminister.

I hope.


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